DriversIs becoming a pedicab driver the next step on your journey to self-actualization? If you are charismatic, possess the entrepreneurial spirit, are strong as an ox, and a youthful desire to spend your days and nights riding a tricycle — this may be the gig for you.

Pirate Pedicab leases pedicabs to licensed operators who freely hustle their passengers to the Newport hotspots, all on a “pay what you please” basis. Your faith in the goodness of people will be reaffirmed as you pedal your way to profit. If you love cycling, meeting people from all over the world and, most of all, if you love Newport, Rhode Island, then we want you!

Are you fit to be the next Pirate Pedicabbie?

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Have a valid drivers license in good standing
  • Pass a B.C.I. to prove you an upstanding citizen
  • Know how to ride a bicycle safely
  • Obtain a pedicab operating license from the City

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Phone: 401-413-5953